Snake Cave

2500 [THB] Per Head
Currency for United States. Currency Converter accurate as of 1 hour 83.25 [USD] Per Head

The Dive:

The first part the cave is a host to a covering of sea clams that have attached themselves to the walls as well as schools of fish that shelter away from the reef. Further back on the right side, at a distance of 50m from the entrance is another spherical room leading off from the main passage. Continuing along the main passage 60-70m from the entrance the salt water abruptly changes to fresh water and the usual hydrogen sulphide clouds mark the halocline. The fresh water visibility is usually far greater than the salt water. At a distance of 100m from the entrance the cave ends in a depth of 6m, from here it is possible to surface into a fresh air chamber and even to walk in the dry cave.
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